Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Insurance

Pet accidents and different illnesses can happen anytime and anywhere. Dog insurance ensures that your pet’s health is being taken cared of for life. Looking into your dog’s insurance plans will also make your pet care less of your financial burden. And while the pet’s owner chooses the pet insurance to purchase, you should know that the base cost of almost all veterinary care is on the rise. 

Therefore, it is important to select the right insurance plan that will cover all the veterinary bills for your dog. Keep these 7 tips in mind when planning to purchase dog insurance.

Compare different per insurance providers

Before deciding to enrol your dog in a particular insurance policy, it is important to compare and contrast different pet insurance providers. Know their difference in premiums, plans, co-pays, deductibles, plan details, exclusions, sample reimbursements and even their additional features.

Search for their insurer’s track record

Does the dog insurance provider have a good track record? How long has the pet insurance provider been in the insurance business? Are they trustworthy when it comes to financial service? Do all their veterinarians or staff know the pet’s needs and help develop in-force policies? Choose a company that is proven to have been stable in the industry, experienced and recommended by many.

Research what is covered and what might affect the insurance coverage

Many pet insurance may include exclusions for certain conditions such as the dog’s hereditary, pre-existing, congenital or any related to the dog’s breeding. Therefore, it is essential to know what might affect their coverage so that you know what to do if in case you file a claim, click here to find out how to insure your dog.

Select the insurance coverage that will work for you

Identify your preferred coverage. Some coverage is known for a routine wellness which may include vaccinations, wellness exams, heart-worm, and flea prevention. Some cover unknown medical care like hospitalisation, exams, labs, prescriptions, chronic conditions, injuries, surgeries. Some coverage offers complete care which includes wellness and hereditary conditions. It is important to talk to your veterinarian so that you can get an idea of the common conditions your dog could have which can be breed related. You should also identify your dog’s family history of health issues so that you can have an overview of what coverage you will choose.

Review the insurance’s cost and value

Do not buy a dog insurance policy just because it is cheap but doesn’t cover your dog’s needs. If you are more interested in wellness or complete medical care, it is important to review the insurance’s cost and value. The monthly premium, as well as the reimbursement amount, varies based on your chosen coverage and deductibles.

Enrol your dog while they are young and healthy

This is to avoid any limited coverage due to your dog’s pre-existing conditions. Also, this will reduce your policy’s cost. Just like a human health insurance policy, your dog’s health insurance premium increases as the policyholder ages.

Ask for discounts

Even if you are already enrolled in a premium, scoring some discounts can be possible.  Most pet insurance offers 5% discounts for pet owners with 2 to 3 pets while other pet insurance gives a discount of 10% to those who have more than 4 pets.


Your dog is a cherished part of your family. They sleep, play and grow together with you and your family. This is why as much as you care about the health and well-being of your loved ones, you should research your dog’s health and insure your dog today!