The Power of Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, the hashtag has taken over social media. Many social media platforms today are using this format to organize their content, finally giving a meaning to this long forgotten keyboard character. Research has it that one lonely hashtag has the power of increasing engagement by 100%.

Disappointingly, there are very few people who have tried to keep up with this new trend. This tag is highly misused by many people thinking that it is just a way of driving attention to their content. Yes it might serve the purpose, but misusing it won’t help in any way. Having said that, here are some tips on how you can effectively use hash tags in social media marketing.

Make the appropriate choice of words

The hashtag is not meant for use with every word in your status. This character is only used to organize content and make it easy to find. For instance, if a person is looking for news about a basketball team, chances of searching for #NBA and not #ball or #basket are very high.

Hashtags are much focused. This means that the simple words that are frequently used usually don’t make the cut. In order to know the exact word to say in order for your message to be effective, do a test of the words.

Test your words

If you are after taking advantage of this social media marketing , then you’ll have to spend some time and test your hashtags. It is very important that you test each social media network that you intend to use and see what best resonates with your customers. Furthermore, you can also search all the social media platforms for hashtags and look for the most effective ones. Having said that, it is vital to note that each site has different users and it is recommended to individually target each market whenever possible in order to succeed.

Avoid overdoing it

Just because you can use more than a single hashtag in a post does not mean you do it. Most users of social network platforms see excessive use of hashtags as spam. Using this tool too frequently can do your website a disservice.

Generally, use a maximum of two hashtags in your post with one tag being the ideal option. Furthermore, it is very important that you avoid using these tags in every post that you make. This is because users of social media networks are aware of the fact that there are businesses who try too hard to promote themselves. Another way to promote yourself is using Facebook advertising (or the social platform of your choice) to help you reach a wider audience. Even without hash tagging, advertising on social platforms is a great way to engage and grow a larger audience.

Create brand engagement

The true importance of hashtags is in the ability to connect different and very popular topics that are more visible with your brand which in the process helps drive new viewers to your social media profile as well as give you a chance to engage with them. As long as you expertly create them and use them sparingly, social media toosl can also be very helpful in increasing your online visibility as well as improve customer relations. When followers are more comfortable with your brand, they tend to want to interact with you on social media.

You shouldn’t ignore hashtags, but you don’t have to use them in your conversations with friends and followers. You’ll be overusing them. But always keep in mind that they shouldn’t be used when responding to a message or comment. Avoid plugging these tags in unnecessary places in posts.